• LockFast  Retaining Adhesive  10ml (Low Viscosity)

Lockfast R01 is designed for the bonding of
cylindrical fitting parts. The product is a single
component anaerobic , acrylic based product. The
product cures when confined in the absence of air
between close fitting metal surfaces and prevents
leakage and loosening from vibration and shock.

This is a low viscosity adhesive for close fitting components
such as bearings.

Directions for use
1. For optimum performance surfaces should be clean and
free of grease (internal and external).
2. If the material is an inactive metal consider using
3. Assemble and tighten as required.
4. For shrink fitted assemblies the product should be
applied onto the pin, the collar should then be heated to
create clearance for free assembly.
5. For slip fitted, apply product inside of the collar then to
the leading edge of the pin, then use a rotating motion
in assembly to ensure coverage.
6. For press fitted, apply product to both surfaces making
sure of assembly at high press rates.

For disassembly
1. In circumstances where hand tools do not work, use
localized heat to bolt or nut, disassemble while hot.

For cleanup
1. To remove cured product use a combination of
solvent and abrasion such as a wire brush. .

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LockFast Retaining Adhesive 10ml (Low Viscosity)

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